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Employment Form


G7 Worldwide is a fully functional private security, weapons training, and investigations firm licensed in the state of Virginia, DC, North Carolina, Maryland and West Virginia. We provide both armed & unarmed security services throughout the east coast and   We are currently seeking qualified, skilled individuals to ensure the protection of our clients and their properties by providing professional supervision and security. Duties include controlling access of individuals and vehicles to secure areas, intervening in crisis situations; able to react when situation arises; gathering data; conducts security / safety checks. Position requires working shift work, on-call and weekends. Military must provide a copy of their DD-214 member 4, before or on the day of the interview. A valid driver’s license is required by the time of employment. The applicant must be registered with the Department of Criminal Justice Services as an unarmed security officer, armed security officer, Alarm respondent, Private Investigator, Special conservator of the peace or licensed Bail enforcement agent prior to submitting the application



Qualified candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Ability to learn and apply appropriate awareness techniques; ability to read and interpret, and implement policies and procedures; ability to learn and observe dangerous and threatening situations; ability to assess situations and take appropriate action; and display good written and verbal communication skills.



Serious applicants please complete the General information application located below:


Employment Application Statement

By submitting this form I hereby represent that each answer is truthful and constitutes a full and complete disclosure of my knowledge with respect to the questions and I understand that any misrepresentation of facts shall constitute cause for dismissal regardless of when discovered us. In the event that I am employed by G7 Worldwide, Inc. I agree to comply with all its rules and regulations.


Reference Release Form

By submitting this form I hereby authorize any individual, employer, or law enforcement agency to furnish G7 Worldwide with any information concerning my employability, my previous work and/or academic record, whether same is of record or not, and do hereby release the individual, employer, or law enforcement agency and all individuals connected therewith from all liability for any damage incurred in furnishing this information.